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Inside this free eBook, I'm showing you the steps I took to launch a 6-figure eCommerce store (with no prior business experience or knowledge).

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Inside this eBook, you'll discover...

5 simple steps to creating your online store

You'll see what steps you need to take (and in what order!) to turn your product idea into an actual business.

The 5 different types of business models

and the one that I recommend for those starting out in eCommerce

How to start taking action straight away

so that you can stop dreaming about launching a business, and actually make it happen!

Hey, I'm Chelsea!

eCommerce Expert, Podcaster, Brand Designer, Overachiever and Yum Cha-Lover.

I founded my own eCommerce brand, The Good Company, in 2020 - and reached 6 figures in revenue within our first 12 months.

Now, I help other entrepreneurs to create industry-disrupting, forward-thinking eCommerce brands, using a proven step-by-step framework.

Download The Ultimate eCommerce Launch Plan